Maggie and Alex talking about almost everything you want to hear.

Today we talk about the Galaxy Quest TV show!

So today we take a very limited look at another of Amazon's up and coming TV shows, Paul Scheer's TV adaptation of the 1999 cult favourite Galaxy Quest. As with other Amazon TV shows, the details are few and far between but we talk about the few bits of information we could get our hands on.

About the podcast

Well hey there, welcome to our website! How you ended up here is beyond us, but we hope you enjoy your time here!

We're just a young, married couple who thought "Y'know, sometimes we talk about interesting stuff. We should record these things and put them out there for strangers to judge..."

Okay, that last little bit may have just been in my head. You'll have a similar conversation with someone at some point in your life, everyone has thought about starting a website/webcomic/YouTube channel/podcast at some point.

Who we are.

There are two of us (as in most married couples).

Alex is the guy, 25 years old, generally miserable and cynical. Maggie is the gal, 25 years old, generally wonderful.

We would've written more about ourselves here but...that's all you need to know.

What we talk about.

Pretty much everything really. Just not sport. NEVER SPORT.

We're massive geeks, nerds, film buffs, TV fans, gamers, woodworkers, foodies, lovers, fighters and gentlemen. We enjoy almost anything really, binge watching good Star Trek shows or taking the dog (I'm sure he'll feature here somewhere) out for a walk.

We're getting into healthy living lately (no vegan or vegetarian nonsense) and with the huge range of films, TV and games releasing every other week I'm sure we'll never be short a topic.

The dog.

His name is Duke, 7 years old, Swiss Shepherd, grumpy old so-and-so but adorable and loving to those who deserve it.

(Yes, he got his own section.)

The cats.

We recently adopted two cats because we thought our house isn't mental enough right now. So the first is a very chill 7 year old black cat (with a sprinkle of grey) whom we named Kvothe and the second is a mischievous little turtle shell 4 year old called Bast. If you get the name references, please let us know, you're awesome!

I'm sure I'll write more here as time goes on and our professionalism develops but until then, thanks for reading!

Today we revisit The Orville and Star Trek: Discovery after giving them both a fair chance.

So today we go back to Season 1 and revisit a discussion we had about Seth MacFarlane's new show The Orville and the new Netflix attempt, Star Trek: Discovery. We gave both a fair shot and obviously have our winner and loser, but let's talk about it!

Today we talk about the fantastic TV show that is Stranger Things

-!SPOILER ALERT!- Today we talk about Netflix's latest triumph on their world-class streaming service, Stranger Things seasons 1 & 2! The Duffer Brothers bring their first big hit to the stage in a fantastic way and we don't have enough good things to say about it!

Today we talk about the global-groan-inducing age of reboots.

Today we discuss the ongoing head-shaking fiasco that has become the age of reboots. We talk about a couple of good example, but mainly moan about why this is showing a lack of imagination and original thinking from today's producers, writers and directors.

Today we talk about the comparisons between TV shows and our own relationships.

Today we talk about an observation we've been pondering for a little while now and that is how TV shows are comparable to our own personal relationships. We just talk about how sometimes there are ups and downs, laughs and tears, sometimes you want to quit but can't and sometimes ...

Today we talk about Marvel vs DC, strictly in terms of film releases.

Today we talk about that age old geek question, Iron Man vs Batman...or more specifically Marvel Comics vs DC Comics. Although we do talk about it strictly from the stand point of film releases, even more specifically the gross amount they made in their opening weekends in the USA.

Today we talk about Avengers: Infinity War - Part 1 and everything we think will happen in it.

So, today we have a discussion about Avengers: Infinity War - Part 1, mainly about the absolute scale of the project and how difficult it's going to be to bring these characters together. Overall, Alex thinks they chose the wrong writers and directors (same guys that did Captain America 2 ...

Today we talk about waiting for new books, and the frustrations we have and the considerations we must have.

So, today we talk about the long wait for new books from our favourite authors, how long we wait for them, how we react to bad news or no news at all and debate whether it's our right as customers to complain and moan or whether we have to take ...
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